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Sync error, retrieving old version of note


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One of my notes has 'synced' to an old version of the note from mid-December, and unfortunately this has been synced across all the devices on which I use Evernote, meaning I have lost all the updates I made in the last two weeks.


Not sure how this happened. The correct version of the note was last synced on my work computer (Windows desktop) on the afternoon of Dec. 31, but when I checked Evernote on my iPhone that evening, it synced to a version of the note from a week earlier. Now that old, incorrect version has been synced to both of my other devices (Macbook, Windows desktop).


When I opened my work computer again this morning, I briefly saw the correct version of the note from Dec. 31, before the automatic sync kicked in and it reverted to the old, incorrect version.


Can someone tell me how to retrieve the previous, correct version of the note?

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Can't help you there.  But for the future, I would recommend that you are sure to sync whenever you enter/leave an EN platform.  Typically that is what causes this type of an issue, though there have been some reports of  bugs in this regard.


Do you have a conflicts notebook on your desktop EN?  You might check  just in case.

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