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Hi Just lost part of a note I was writing, please help!

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Hi, just lost part of a note Was writing on the web version from my PC laptop.  Oh man, I lost a lot of work.  Is there a history or a back up of my work?  Any clue how this happened?  it was a long note, but I got no warning... it seemed like it was updating saving as i went  along.  I then tried to share a like to  it and it seem to send and a earlier version or something. then I went back to evernote in  my  browser, and it was also 2/3rds of my note was lost.  Is there any thing I can do to retrieve the lost data?


Any help will be deeply appreciated...

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It sounds as though the content you lost disappeared in the browser before it uploaded (synced) to Evernote,  so there will be no note history or other backups from which to restore.  If that's the case the work is really gone - no recovery - though I'd still suggest you check for a Conflicting Changes notebook,  and look in the trash in case there are any useful traces left.  If you had the same note open in two different devices,  and were updating from both,  then that will be your problem - with two separate versions of yourself making separate changes to the note,  how is Evernote to know which is the correct version,  or how to combine the two inputs? 


I guess it's also possible that your content was saved and overwritten by an older version when one or the other device synced - in which case there may be be some history;  but you'd need to be a premium user (even if only for a month...) to access the note history.

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