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Bring back shortcuts to open note in a new window and to edit note title

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With the latest update, I am no longer able to create a global shortcut (I used CMD o) to open note in a new window.


Also the shortcut cmd+L used to bring you to the note title and highlight the current title, so you could just start typing.  Now it brings you to the end of the current title, so you still end up using the mouse to highlight.


Lastly, when I move one note to a new notebook, the next note inline needs to be clicked on before I can start using shortcut keys (this didn't need to happen in the last version).


In general, I am very frustrated by this new version and wish I still had the last version of evernote.

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Agreed. I had Cmd-Opt-O set up as a shortcut to open notes in a new window, but since this command has been removed from the main menu it is impossible to set a shortcut. Annoys me having to use the mouse.


Regarding note title, while it is annoying to go to the end, you don't need to use the mouse to highlight text. To avoid the mousing around, you can use: 

  • Shift-LeftArrow to highlight one letter at a time
  • Shift-Opt-LeftArrow to highlight one word at a time
  • Shift-Command-LeftArrow to highlight the whole title 

These shortcuts work in most other native OS X apps, so the finger muscle memory becomes well exercised.

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On 1/14/2016 at 4:47 AM, Enkia said:

Why would Evernote remove such a necessary feature?


They wouldn't.


Which means their dev team introduced a bug and hopefully it'll be fixed in the next version. 

Yes, but we are still – in 2018! – waiting for the EN DEV. TEAM to fix this "bug". ?

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5 hours ago, Cucumbercutter said:

Yes, but we are still – in 2018! – waiting for the EN DEV. TEAM to fix this "bug". ?

Hi.  One reason for the delay is that you are quoting a vastly out of date 2-year old post,  which in itself was commenting on a 1-year old post that didn't attract any more attention until now. 

In the absence of other comments it would appear that the vast majority of Evernote users on your OS are finding Evernote workable - at least as far as this issue is concerned.

If you're having specific issues we may be able to help if you can give us more details.

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