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where did my crossbow go from my

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Allana, first off, it's much easier to get help when we have specific names for applications, operational system and desired effect. Your question is not entirely clear to me, but I'll guide you based on the following question:
1 - I'm assuming you're on a Mac (just because I believe Skitch is bigger on the mac community)
2 - I'm assuming you're running either Safari or Chrome as they have very similar web clippers that may be causing your confusion
3 - I'm assuming by "crossbow"  means you want to select an area of the screen and clip/take a screenshot


if most of that is correct, all you need to do is: using the Web Clipper -> Open the clipper => on the dialog box, just below the title there's a section called "clip", choose the option called "screenshot"

Hope I was able to help, give us more detail if you still need assistance!

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by the way, skitch also offers this feature, it's on the top of the window, called screen snap, if the app is open you can hold
command key (the one closest to spacebar) + Shift + 5
or launch the Skitch app and on the window look for this button on the top:

1 Click here to perform a crosshair screen shot
2 Click here for a list of other cool stuff like  a timmed screenshot (for example when you want to screen shot a menu window, or something else that requires a click

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Thanks Igoose! I think that was when I had a blonde moment! lol, I had installed the skitch as well, and before I really knew how to use the clip button first. I will install the skitch again, it looks like another fun one to use!

Thanks again, for all of your help! Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day! lol ~<I:o)   

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