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Can others see my evernote?

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Hi.  Evernote is your own private piece of the internet (or Android, or PC).  If you log in with your user details,  the notes are visible.  If you're not logged in via Evernote.com or your devices,  your notes are normally not visible to anyone.  Beware though that the information in your notes is not encrypted on the phone or the PC - if someone gets hold of one of your devices they might be able to search the permanent storage (the hard drive or internal memory) and find some of your information.  So.  Use a secure password and lock your devices when you're not using them,  so you have double protection.


The internet is a notoriously unsafe place for personal information,  so you might want to think carefully about what you keep in notes that are synced with Evernote's servers.  Evernote has lots of protections in place to prevent hacking - so did Sony,  whom you've no doubt been reading about recently.  (Although I don't think they were quite as careful as Evernote).  Even so,  some information should be encrypted if you're storing it online,  and other stuff just shouldn't go online.


Hope that helps...

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