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Update Evernote Windows Running Under Linux/Wine


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Am running the Windows version of Evernote 5.7.2 with Wine under Linux Mint 17.1. The application behaves very well and other than using the Wine version of Internet Explorer for web links, it is reliable and effective. I keep getting promoted to download the update... Evernote goes through the process, and then presents the following dialog.




I'm pretty sure I've gotten updates before under this setup.


I downloaded the update manually to a Windows machine and when I try to run it on my Linux box, it wants me to uninstall the existing version. Do I need to uninstall, or is there a way to update this within the current setup?

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Turns out that the uninstall process is not so great about cleanup and there were some registry remnants that were preventing a new version of Evernote installing. The Linux user would be wise to be careful about this upgrade; however, there is a relatively easy way to fix this spelled out here: http://www.mintywind.com/evernote-on-wine-evernote-was-already-installed-by-another-user/

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