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[Android] Unable to share gmail address from text app to evernote note

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Because of this bug, I lost important email address - at least I memorized it 


Steps to reproduce:

1. Open plain text notepad (ex. Notepad: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.andrey.notepad&hl=pl )

2. Create new note with only email address: "ar@gmail.com"

3. Share new note to Evernote from inside Notepad app



In Evernote, Gmail login page is saved as full article:




In Evernote, email address is saved as normal note


This seems to affect all plain text apps, as this bug occured first, when I was using widget for fast typing. From it, I wanted to share to evernote, and I discovered this bug.



Android 4.0.4


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  Hi.  Not sure it's a bug if you managed to find an app that won't share content to your Evernote.  There are dozens of apps that help create a quick note,  include Evernote's own widgets.  However the staffers reading these pages will take that into consideration for future updates...

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This app shares content with Evernote and other apps properly - during share action whole email string is sent to Evernote and other apps. This looks like a bug in Evernote engine, witch parses email string, takes only domain name, and tries to load a web page. As I understand such functionality is useful, when someone is sharing URL to a web page. But when it comes to email address expected behavior is different. If possible, please ping Evernote staff about this issue, as it may cause data loss, so it is rather P2 bug.

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This is a user forum,  and we all have about the same access to Evernote.  Get to 300 posts and you can have a few more perks,  but they won't include any special access.  However by posting here you've alerted the staffers who read these pages to look into the situation.

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