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I'm new here and the searching for topics does not work. But my question is about printing a note. i work with a mac and i want to change my print-settings. is this with evernote possible? the frame of the printed is very wide.

i hope you know what i mean. 

they can give me some advice?

I wish you a nice evening

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Hi.  Sorry - what you see is pretty much what there is.  It is possible that if you log into Evernote Web and use the old interface (change from Beta in the settings) you'll find different options,  but the wide margins are a general problem.

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@Gazumped is right... what you see is what you get. 


If you're on Mac, you might want to try the "Annotate Entire Note as PDF" feature. Then just don't annotate. Save your document and print the PDF. You can also try exporting to PDF while in Presentation mode (right click) if you've got a Premium account. This should give you the Presentation mode formatting for your PDF...

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