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I wrote a piece recently about how I love Evernote but wouldn't necessarily use it to record lectures or meetings - I use my Evernote for other things while things are happening,  or maybe need to look something up on the net;  recordings tend to get messed up by terminating early or feature lots of fumbling noises as I disturb the device off my desk or table...


Looking at the menu options again while I wrote,  it occurred to me that Evernote tends to talk about 'spoken notes'  and 'memos' rather than flat-out recording.  I'm not sure that their view of the feature included acting as a transcription desk.  You can get LiveScribe to do that - with quite a meaty additional chunk of software and (presumably) a better microphone for recording ambient sound than the usual phone or tablet mic.  Evernote may be intended just for short sessions,  so I'd question whether this is on their priority list at all.


The team don't (usually) share,  so we may never know - and everything you want may come out in the next update.  But if it doesn't emerge in the next few years,  I call shotgun on the I Told You So rights....


EDIT:  Forgot this - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/28606837  - Which concludes with: 
If you want full control over the audio file size or recording quality, you might want to record on a different program to adjust and edit, and then attach it to a note

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