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change encryption password

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OK - when you right-click text and choose 'encrypt text',  you're invited to choose a passphrase and enter a hint.  If you want to use a different passphrase,  enter new details here.


A dialog will come to tell you the passphrase does not match your last choice and give you the option to try again or use the new one.


Beware:  Evernote won't change that prompt if you go back to a previous note - but (I think) you will need the previous password,  not this new one to open an encrypted area. 


You should check - carefully - to see what the situation is in your account - YMMV.  Personally I put the (very obscure) reminder for the correct password in unencrypted text in the note,  so I'm sure I'm using the correct password.  All encryption is dealt with on your device,  so there's no 'lost password' support if anything goes wrong...

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