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works well: student essay feedback with camera, Evernote and Skitch


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Hi everyone


I'm a high school teacher in Switzerland I regularly have to correct students essays handwritten or paper.
I sucessfully do this in the following way using Evernote:


  • Students hand in their texts.
  • I open a new note in Evernote Mobile and I take photographs of all handwritten pages of one student.
    I use a new note for each student
    (A reduced resolution is good enough and doesn't overload the notes)
    (I watch out for the correct orientation of the camera)
  • I sync all the notes to my my computer and rename them logically with the students' names.
  • Later, for corrections and feedback, I open the notes on Evernote Desktop.
    I click on the @ symbol of each photo to open the Evernote Skitch editor.
    With Skitch, I write directly in to the texts using text, symbols, colours etc.
  • Finally I, print these edited photos and hand them back to the student with their untouched texts.
    (Sometimes, I also export them digitally and hand them in digitally)
  • The students can edit or correct their texts into a final version.
    (If it makes sense, they can keep my feedback photos)

Hope this might help someone or inspire to further ideas.



PS: Please notice: I do not give any help on how to write good texts and essys here in the forum...

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