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Can we please have more table editing options?

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Do you have any specific features that you are looking for?


- Change individual cell backgrounds

- Have some pre-formatted table layouts with colored headers and separators and such

- And and remove columns and rows more easily

- Make the lines draggable so we can set height and width of columns and rows

- Make line thickness adjustable on a row/cell basis

- Different types of lines (dotted, dashed)

- Make padding inside cells adjustable

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I am running EN 6.0.5 for the Mac (MountainLion). I am not able to adjust the column width of the tables. 

I hover the mouse over the borders, corners, etc. but nothing happens. 

I thought this featured had been added to the new EN version. 

It is not working for me. Can someone please tell me how this is done?



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