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My evernote wishlist

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I have been using Evernote for a year now for my business for the past year and a half or so ... and really am a big fan of the program. With this being said , Recently I started using Evernote to collaborate with my office and have been using it as a cheap alternative to sales force.


Overtime I found myself wishing Evernote had certain features . This lead me to  trying out other programs such as one note and producteev and asana ..ect ... .hoping that one of these would have the features I am looking for.


These programs all have advantages in one area or another ... but in the end I felt that evernote still best suited my purpose. I then recently upgraded to Evernote Business and was disappointed to find there really wasn't much value added when compared to the premium version. ( sure there is slightly more space and they separate work space from personal space ... but this can easily be accomplished by just sharing notebooks with multiple users )


There I have come up with a list of complaints and solution wishes which I hope some one on the evernote team will answer....




Complaint   : I was also excited when evernote came out with the chat feature I thought it would be great for collaborating with my office ... but in the end I was disappointed... since there is very little done to integrate the chat experience with the actual notes themselves ( sure you can share a note in a chat but that is as far as it goes  ... cant almost as easily just use any chat separate chat program like AIM to tell some one to look and deal with a particular note  ) 

I am constantly sending messages about different notes to different employees and finding it extremely difficult  to remember if the emplyee dealt with a particular issue and or if I even sent the message to the employee to begin with ... I am chronically finding myself  scrolling through long conversations with my employees looking for where or if anything was said about a particular note ... 


Wish:  This is something I think Evernote should add on to the business version which will help create value added content ... ;  There should be a chat history within each note anything that was said about that note ... this way I can look at a note and know what was said about it ...now lets say the mention of a particaular note is part of an ongoing conversation with a certain employee ... the segment pertaining to should be the only part showing up in the note ... but the rest of the conversation can be seen the way it is seen currently in evernote . 



Complaint: the more I use Evernote the more I get frustrated by the lack of formatting perhaps in the free version this is somthing which evernote could get a way with ... but in the business version ... well .... 

This was one of the main reason I started to look around at other programs ... I found the king of formatting to be One note ... the ability to drag ,resize , and event write directly in the note ( sorry skitch ) to be extremely useful ...

being able to quickly absorb content is key in todays fast paced work environment ... and good page formatting goes a long way in providing that ability


Wish : I do not think evernote needs to be as robust as one note (keep it simple stupid does still apply) ... things like being able to resize and relocate content easily directly withing ever note would be great ... maybe event scroll able and or accordion style text boxes wold be great too ...


Wish: ok this one is an obvious one : make stacks share able !! 


wish: built in templates ... currently I have note book filled with basic template which I am always re using for my business ... kind of a pain in the butt to have to find the template copy and paste i into a new note ... ( usually when I am in a hurry to jot down some information )


Wish : easy way to change password for encrypted text ( I have hundreds of bits of encrypted bits of sensitive data through out my notes ... some times I feel that its time to change the password ... alas its too late ....if I change one I will have no way of know which one I changed and which one I didn't can get me in a bit of a pickle ...so a place to change all the passwords in a central location would be great!! )


Wish : In note tagging ... would be great if I can tag a certain location within the note not just whole note ... 


Wish : Built in Calander! 


Wish: Business : should have the ability to create seperate to do lists for your employees linked to a certain area in a note ... 



Any way these are but a few of my top wishes ... please let me know if any of these intrigue you... and or if you have any others you wish to share ....

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My wish list for the Windows client:

  1. "Annotate Entire Note as PDF" (Mac feature)
  2. "Jump to this note's notebook" (Mac feature)
  3. Have imported .txt files show the file name as the note title (Works as it should on Mac)


My wish list for the iOS clients:

  1. Filter by tag in any context (as in Desktop clients in the note list)
  2. Nested tags
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