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text has disappeared from note

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Hi. I have a note which I have accessed on many occasions. For some reason today I am unable to read any of the text. I sent the doc as an email and then put it in a word doc. The text is visible in the word doc but not in Evernote. Any ideas what has happened? Really don't want to go through this again.

Thanks :-)

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OK - another World first (AFAIK).  The fact you can read it in Word suggests it's coded in some format that Word is happy with,  but the different Evernote editors don't like.  Is it possible you edited this document on a desktop on some other device,  or maybe online in a different browser that included it's own code with the saved text?


If not,  this is just one of the ways in which digital devices like to remind us that you use the web at their whim and bad things can happen.  I'd suggest you copy and re-paste the text back into the note from Word so it's readable,  but save the Word document into the same note just in case..  To guarantee no further incidents you could always edit and resave the Word document into the note,  and re-copy the content from time to time so you have a searchable copy of the text.  (If you're a Premium user,  Evernote will index the Word DOC/ DOCX files for you anyway).

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