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Disable hot key for work chat?

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In the Windows version ( it appears that CTRL ALT N triggers the Work chat function. I would like to disable this hot key, as I use the same combination for other purposes in my computer; however, this is not listed in the "hot keys" tab in the Options panel.

Any suggestions on how to deactivate the function would be most welcome.

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Yep, that's a new note for me as well; it's a global hotkey (see Tools / Options / Hot Keys), so it works outside of Evernote, and can be modified. Ctrl+N works inside of Evernote. But Work Chat is also Ctrl+Alt+N (see the File menu). So a bit of a mess.

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Use AutoHotKey to disable it when Evernote is active?

Hi jefito, thank you for the suggestion. Hadn't heard of AutoHotKey before; however, Evernote is ALWAYS active in my computer, so I'm not sure if this will work.

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