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Duplicating note section in another note?

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is there any way I can do the following? I have two notes and I want some information (just text ATM) to be the same in both. So say I have:

Note 1

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Note 2

Section 1

Section 2

And I want note 1 section 2 and note 2 section 1 to be the same. Is there anyway I can have this happen automatically, so if I update note 1 note 2 updates, and vice-versa? Or do I just have to remember to copy and paste every time?

I'm using the Windows desktop client and iPad app, I don't mind if it can only be done in one of them as I us them both regularly.

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You have to remember to copy and paste every time. What you edit in one note can in no way make any changes to another distinct note in Evernote... on any of the clients. 


The only way I see this sort of dynamic happening is if your different note sections are actually Evernote notes... and your notes in the example above are Evernote tag contexts.


If you tag an Evernote note (one of your note sections) with  a specific tag... and you do this for each one of your unique Evernote notes... all you would need to do is tag a specific combination of tags with a new tag (so now your Evernote notes have 2 tags), which would give you a tag category equal to what you've called a note in your example above, containing all of your sections (Evernote notes). 


Since a note appearing in different tag contexts is one and the same, any note you edit in one tag context would obviously be seen as such in another tag context.


Although the above scenario might sort of mimic what you've laid out, you can already see that the above bit of tinkering would be highly impractical and way too complicated. Also, I doubt you would be able to sort your tags arbitrarily and have your sections (EN notes) appear in the order you want them in all your notes (EN tag contexts). Also, depending on how many of your tag contexts a note appears in... you might have up to dozens of tags per note... a little messy!


You might find another app that can do exactly what you want to begin with. But in Evernote's case - it's a no-go. 


BTW, what's your use case? I'm curious.

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I'm a railway modeller and am using Evernote to gather information on stuff I am planing to make. I need to duplicate stuff from notes about the real world to my notes on how to make things in the model world.

Thanks for the advice. As you say the suggested work around isn't really practical. Never mind.

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