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Tags sync issue

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Hi *,


I have several tags that are present in my Evernote Desktop Client but NOT in the Evernote Web-Environment. I also read several threats in this forum reporting similar issues, basically boiling down to some sync issues with tags.


I was able to figure out that when I rename the tag in the desktop client, sync, and then re-rename the tag in the desk client, it is correctly synced to all devices and the web. Are there any ways that I could (1) rename all tags (for instance, adding a prefix) and then re-rename them or (2) push a "fresh sync" from my desktop client to the web (basically resyncing everything as I am certain my desktop client has all the right tags in it).




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Renaming tags seems to be the way to go if you have to resolve this sort of situation,  but unfortunately there's no way (AFAIK) to do this in bulk.  If you have a lot of tags,  it might be more efficient to try to come up with a script of some sort to move down your tag list and add a pre- or suf- fix to each name...but test it thoroughly!

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