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Errors on exporting notes



For the first time I attempted to export all my notes in html format.

It failed giving an error dialog: "Evernote was unable to write the data for a resource on the note titled..."


It seems to start creating the documents as it exports them but then cleans everything up after one failure. So in my case it create several thousand documents as they get exported and then when it discovers a few failures, as detailed it gives up and deletes all the exported files. I tried a few smaller notebooks, rather than everything and the two I tried both failed too.


So, currently I am unable to just export all documents. 


Is there a way I can get it to keep the documents it exports, even after a failure? Or better, fix the failure.




I'm using Evernote on Mac.

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What version of Evernote do you have?  If you're not sure,  just hit the 'check for updates' option and see what comes up.  You may decide not to upgrade to 6.x if you're still on 5.x - the design is radically  different and not to everyone's taste...  but making sure you have the latest version (6.0.5) will answer one question:  do the latest updates fix an earlier issue?


If you've been a long-time Evernote user you'll know that export to html has been a quoted feature almost since day one.  If it didn't work I think there would have been quite a bit of noise about it.  I'm not aware of any comments so far..


If you don't have an electronic backup of your current notes database I'd strongly recommend that you get one before going any further.  https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/28607737


Have a look at your Activity Log (on the help menu) to see whether there's any more information on the failures.


If not,  have you tried exporting single notes to html?  It would be good to prove the feature actually does work on isolated notes.

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