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I think I've set up Google Authenticator multiple times.

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I set up my Evernote for 2-step authentication and it seemed very familiar. I thought I had already done this but it said it was not set-up, so I did it.

Then I realized I had done this for Evernote in the past...


Now my Google Authenticator has two instances of Evernote in it, with different numbers. 

How did this happen?


I went to delete the first one but then it warned me that I could be locked out forever, so I got scared and left it there.



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i never made another account, but im not sure how i would check that, if i made one without knowing. 

ive used evernote for a long time and only setup 2 step within the last year. i only have one account, one email i use and one phone number. i guess its possible but i have no idea how i would have made a second account without realizing it. 

i would check to make sure, but im not sure how i would do that...

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