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How far are we from a tablet/stylus/app combination that just works?


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I recently got the Adonit Jot Touch Pixelpoint, which I want to use to take notes in Penultimate on my iPad Air 2 in office meetings. I want a solution that just replaces my pen and pad of paper. I want to have all my notes in Evernote, where I can tag them, pull them up anywhere, share them, etc.

The problem is, this solution is as reliable for taking meeting notes today as driving a car was in 1900. All the pieces are there, but you can't just start it up and cruise. The Jot Touch seems to drop out, the writing is erratic, and the tip isn't consistently recognized at the right spot on the page. I feel like I'm a long way from being able to put my iPad on the conference table and take notes as I interact in the meeting. I'd constantly have to rewrite things, wait for the stylus to be recognized, etc. It feels like I'm working with an early prototype of a system -- a proof-of-concept that will probably evolve into something reliable in a couple of years.

So what's the weak link in the system? Is it just the Bluetooth communication? If that's all it is, I'd be happy to use a wired stylus that plugs into the iPad's Lightling port. I don't see anything like that, though. Is it Penultimate's ability to read the input from the stylus? I see it's been improved greatly on the iPad Air 2, and the Jot Touch isn't any more reliable in any other note-taking app I've tried. (I still get strange behavior in portrait orientation, when the input registers to the left of where the tip is, but it works much better in landscape mode.) Or is the iPad's stylus-sensing ability just crude? I've used styluses with drawing tablets, where I can write very precisely -- but those devices aren't also the display, so the technology is probably very different.

So is anyone else having better results using an iPad Air 2, Penultimate, and Jot Touch or Script to take reliable notes? Or some other combination? I'd just love for my iPad to replace the stacks of notepads I create every year at work.



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Hi Peter

I follow the same goals and feel the same pain.

Currently I have hybrid solutions:

- Logitech Keyboard for my ipad

- Hand notes (espcially including illustrations) still taken by hand and photographed as a document in Evernote (then I can discard the note)

- Penultimate with adonit bluetooth stylus which accounts for only roughly 10% of all notes

Time is not on our side.

Good luck.


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Well I have had 3 bt styluses and I will tell you a combo that finally made me ditch paper and pen. Buy Fiftey threes pencil and use NoteShelf , it supports direct dirvers and the pencil works insane with Paper the app. The writing is gorgeous the accuracy is dead on and the Palm rejection is better then any app or bt stylus I have tried fyi I have a Wacom fineline and a jot script they both pale to the dead on just write performance, I also love how I can erase naturally and the stylus just works no off or on button. It's just a perfect combo try it trust me.

It makes the jot script and Penulitmate look really bad. Penultimate is literally MIA. the jot script is literally my worst purchase from the EN market. Doesn't perform how you thought it would, but the Pencil performs flawless and has ZERO Palm rejection issues ZERO gaps ZERO ugly lines and DIRECT DRIVERS!! That they proactively update and support they even update the pencils drivers! Via BT just amazing this thing has pressure sensitivity just an amazing combo, Penultimate and EN dropped the ball, I figure this out big time using this combo.

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Your post is exactly my position as well. Bought a cheap wide rubber tip stylus and started seeing the possibilities. Immediately went out and got the jot script based on evernote's endorsement. That is the worst piece of ***** I have ever bought. The cheap rubber tipped stylus is many times better.

Randen, I'll give your advice a try, thanks.

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