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How to stop Samsung Tab S / Android Evernote App update notification

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Hi there !



Would like to stop notifications about updates to Evernote, while app is disabled, uninstalled, forced stopped. Screen Caps Attached.

I have a Tab S 10.5, Android 4.4.2

I do not use or want to use Evernote on my tablet.


Longer version:

I uninstalled all updates, disabled the application, force stopped it, cleared cache, documents, etc, and I still get reminders every 2-3 days about updates.

Is there any way to stop these "update available" on an application that I have no intention of installing / using ?


Please do not send me to Samsung, please do not suggest rooting.

But if I must ...

There must be a civilized way to stop the notification, and there must be more civilized ways to push EN on people.

Evernote must know about this and there has to be a way to stop this nonsense update notification.


I really don't care about EN whatsoever. Stop pestering me !!!


Much appreciated !






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Hi.  If you have uninstalled the app,  these notifications are coming from your tablet,  not from Evernote.  Plus we're a user forum,  not Evernote support,  so have no access to or influence on marketing policy.  


Your screen shot however suggests Evernote is still installed,  and confusingly has no option to remove it.  Samsung should be able to help you with that.  According to their website "There is a unique folder under the Apps list named "Galaxy Plus."  In that folder are several apps that come pre-installed on this tablet,  including Evernote."   Since it's preinstalled,  Samsung have presumably protected it like a system file so it can't be accidentally deleted.


Short term,  the way to stop getting reminders about updating the app is just to update it - whether or not you choose to use it is academic and entirely up to you.  Google Play will helpfully keep on reminding you that it needs updating every time your phone connects.

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Thank you, I think I got an idea where to look next: Samsung / EN support.

It seems to me EN and Samsung are cahoots. Unless it's a weird bug, and EN forgets it's been disabled, tentatively removed, uninstalled altogether. Weird coincidence.

Not familiar just yet with the Android OS folder structure, but I'll get to it.

Due to lack of dynamic range on my phone, the Force Stop and Disable buttons look like the are active, but they are greyed out actually. If you take a look at Clear Data button, bottom right, it shows much brighter, and available / active.

The whole point is I don't want the app, and I won't install it hoping the reminders will go away or be less obtrusive.


Thanks again !

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The updates are coming from the Google Play app store, not from Evernote or Samsung, so we cannot influence the update alerts that you see.


I believe that Samsung installs Evernote in the System data partition on your device, so the Google Play store "knows" that it is installed and will try to update it when a new version of Evernote is available, even if you disable the application. This is Google's way of trying to be helpful. BTW - Samsung has integrated some Samsung device functionality with Evernote, so disabling Evernote also disables some of your device functionality.


You could investigate the options inside your Google Play user account settings to see if there are options for disabling notifications per application. This might lead you to a solution.

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