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Clickable Links in PDFs Generated from Evernote

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I'm running Evernote in Win7. In a notebook, I select all notes and right-click to create a table of contents (TOC). What a marvelous feature! Then I print all notes to Adobe PDF. Great way to create a booklet out of the notes! However, none of the links in the TOC nor in-line links from one note to another are active in the PDF. Since the links ARE active in Evernote, I'm disappointed that Evernote can't pass the underlying URL when printing to PDF. Any workarounds?

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There are probably a few reasons for that,  but primarily - the links in the notes and TOC point to the actual notes on your hard drive or online.  They can't work within a document to point to another page.  PDF files don't normally work like that,  though I do recall something in my Adobe Acrobat settings about working URL links.


You could ask in any tech forum dealing with your PDF software whether it's possible to build a document containing several pages linked together,  but it isn't and (IMHO) could never be an Evernote feature.

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