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(Archived) Willl EN do this for me?

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I am taking a serious look at EN Premium for IPod Touch. I've watched all the videos, which are clever but very general. Is there a user manual so that I can see exactly how EN works? Currently I am using Natara's Bonsai, but EN Premium seems to be a lot more powerful. I have a ton of things in Bonsai. Before I can decide to migrate it all into EN I'd like to see whether EN will do for me what Bonsai does (and hopefully more). I have the free version from ITunes so I cannot see the desktop. I use my Palm as a portable guide book. For a great many cities I have built up over the years a Bonsai hierarchical tree for each neighborhood within which I have sections for things to see, place to eat etc. Each entry is accompanied by a note that I have copy/pasted from the web, or ocr. Each entry is tagged with one or more keywords. So when I am in a neighborhood I can look at the tree to find what's there, or I can do a keyword search. I am never on line while I access my Bonsai on the Palm. EN Premium looks like it would be a huge functionality upgrade from Bonsai (for example I could add maps and photos), although I am delighted with Bonsai. Will EN Premium on my Touch do all of the above that Bonsai on my Palm does for me now? And ... for bonus points ... aside from the laborious copy/paste method and re-tagging everything is there a way move my Bonsai data (.otl format) from my desktop into EN while preserving the keyword tags? please please say "yes". Thanks. I am looking forward to signing up.

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Quick note. (It's Christmas Eve & I'm killing 15 minutes here...)

IMO, Bonsai is more of a project manager. EN is not. But it seems you've been using Bonsai for tasks that EN is perfect for. The free version of EN is the same as the premium with only a few exceptions...monthly upload allowance & file types that can be attached being the two most notable. So you should be able to test drive EN for as long as you want for the tasks you discuss.

I doubt there's a way to export from Bonsai into EN other than manual copy/paste. Bonsai is really kind of a niche product...if they don't allow you to export in a common format, then I doubt EN is able to import from Bonsai's db.

The latest version of EN for iDevices allows "offline" accessible notebooks.

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Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. With the morning rush of unwrapping gifts behind, I am playing around with EN 3.5 and the free version on the Touch. The desktop certainly does all that Bonsai does and a lot more, so I am sold on the 3.5 desktop. The one thing that I cannot find a way to do is to find notes on the Touch. I know that I can scroll. But but I have in Bonsai a lot of Notebooks (in ENspeak) and Notes (again in ENspeak). It would be impossible for me to scroll through a thousand notes while walking around town. On the Touch are Notebooks operative and are tags and search?

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I see that I can search using words but not tags. This is ok, but it will sometimes give an overly broad population of results. Suppose have a note about a pizza place in Cleveland tagged "shaker heights, pizza" and the note includes the sentence "This is not quite Naples but it is close." Suuppose I have a ton of note about pizza places in a lot of cities, including Naples. Then when I search for [shaker heights, pizza], I will get every note that includes (anywhere) the words, "Naples", "shaker heights" and "pizza", which will bury the notes regarding just the pizza places in Shaker Heights . Am I misconstruing the search function?

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You can put quotation marks around phrases that must be located together. If you search for this:

"shaker heights" pizza

It will not match notes that contain "heights" and "shaker", but not together.

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thanks. I have worked my way through this, so for the benefit of others who have the same question here is what I did:

I created 5 notes, the titles of which are 1 ... 5. I then entered into each note the following variations of "moe, larry and curly".

1 = moe larry curly

2 = moe larry

3 = moe shaker

4 = larry shaker heights

5 = curly

On the Touch I performed these searches and got these results:

moe = notes 1, 2, 3

curly = 1,5

larry = 1, 2, 4

moe larry = 1, 2

shaker = 3, 4

"shaker heights" = 4

larry "shaker heights" = 4

moe "shaker heights" = 0

So, to answer my own question ... I will be able to find just the pizza place in shaker heights, and the search will not retrieve that place plus all pizza places in my EN. I think that I can make this even more powerful by typing the tag(s) into the note's text. For example if I have a tag "best local food" I will be able to find the note that is my pick for the best local food in shaker heights, which happens to be a pizza place whose EN text includes the word "larry".

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