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Trouble scanning oversized pages and want individual file


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Hi- can anyone help me?

I am having two issues-

1) I am trying to scan pages about 8.5" x 14-16" L and it keeps cutting off the page. Is there a setting to adjust to fix this?


2) I want to load an assortment of documents to save as pdf format- but I don't want them to save as 1 mulit-page file I want to save them as individual files. Is there a way to do this?


ok just thought of a third thing while I am asking! when I sue neat desk I can changed a scanned file from jpg to pdf or vice versa- is there a way to do this without rescanning?

Thank you 

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1)  What software are you using to scan the pages?  Where does it cut the page off?  Height?  Width?


2)  Look at Import Folders (Evernote > Tools > Options) to import multiple files.

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It's kind've an on or off thing,  but if you use ScanSnap Manager,  look in the settings;  there's an option to either save all pages as one PDF,  or save pages as separate PDFs.  Choose the appropriate option and scan. 

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