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Evernote premium access with Purchase of Samsung note 3

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Hi Guys!
I've recently purchased a Samsung Note3, and was provided premium Evernote access for a year along with the phone. However, there was some delay from my side in verifying my email address. The verification is now complete - but I do not have premium access.


Would be grateful for advice on getting my premium access facilitated ! Should I contact Samsung ?



Best Regards,


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The only information I have is:


There is (allegedly,   according to http://www.androidbeat.com/2014/05/redeem-free-apps-services-bundled-galaxy-s5/) a unique folder under the Apps list named "Galaxy Plus."  In that folder are several apps that come pre-installed on this tablet,  including Evernote.


To redeem these apps and services, open Samsung Apps from the app drawer and select Galaxy Gifts in the category list. Here, you can find and download nearly all the apps and services mentioned above. Make sure to login with your username and password to start your subscription or redeem your free storage space in Evernote, Bitcasa and other similar services.
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