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Missing Business Card Features!

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I have a sizable data store on Evernote. It is a great solution however the feature roadmap seems to be fragmented and incomplete.


(1) Why can't I Add/Remove Business Card fields from the scans I make with ScanSnap on the desktop client (Max OS X) ?


(2) Why can't I force Evernote to re-sync with LinkedIn for a particular Business Card ?


(3) Why can't I force business card images that were old fashioned pictures before the Business Card feature to be re-evaluated as if they were being imported again?



So far the only thing I can determine for each item # is:


(1) Incomplete feature development? Can this be done in any other client?


(2) Is this a restriction of the LinkedIn APIs? I can't imagine so. If a card can be linked at import why can't it be linked later once the information is already in the Business Card data types of the Evernote Databases?


(3) Is image processing in this case a client specific task? The algorithm has not been implemented at the server level because they are relying on client OS APIs?



I would be grateful if anyone can shed light on how to overcome these issues, and if Evernote could please consider adding them to the roadmap.


It seems a lot of Business Card functionality is tied into the act of import, and if you already have 500 plus images, you are not able to use any of the new functionality unless you are willing to print and re-scan everything (ouch).



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The Business Card feature is a new addition and will develop more options in future.  I'm sure there will be more features,  but for now,  what you see on any given platform is pretty much all you get...

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