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Evernote note back-linker

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Evernote has an ability to create a link from one note to another. It is great for creating "Tables of contents", main vs sub pages and in general for any note organizaiton. However, when you open a note that might be linked from somewhere else, you will have no idea where it is linked from.

This application scans all your notes and creates a backlink at the top of the notes that link to it.

For example, if you create a note All about my car, add some text and then create a link to another note Car history and then run the app, it will add a backlink, e.g:



This is my Car history


[[[backlink: All about my car]]]
This is a long note about my car history


The project and its source are accessible here: https://github.com/vitalybe/evernote-back-linker


Note: You need Windows and Visual Studio to compile the project. If there is an interest, I can create a proper binary (exe) release as well .

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Wow!  This is very cool.  Thanks for sharing.


Do you think it could be converted/rewritten in AppleScript?

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No idea about AppleScript capabilities, though. If it can do network access, it should be possible.


However, I think it'll be easier to use Mono to run it on Macs.

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