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Penultimate Note in Progress - Content disappeared


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Platform: New iPad Air 2


Issue: Content of note in progress disappeared.


Evernote Account was not setup.


I was using Penultimate without an Evernote account setup. I have 5 notes. On the fifth note I was actively writing and just finished the second page. Then the note reverted to blank.


The battery on the iPad was down to 17%. Otherwise this is brand new with not much other apps installed except Office.


This would have been a disaster if I was taking notes for work instead of practicing.


Did I do something wrong? Do I have to have the Evernote account setup?



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@ 1BadRob, this forum is as active as there is. The problem is, that this has been brought up in several threads, none of the users has a solution, and there is radio silence from the developers. This is a problem introduced with 6.0.x. Like other people on the forum, I tend not to respond if I don't have an answer. My apologies.

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