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Evernote URL link format in MAC



I am an avid fan and daily user of Evernote. I have recommended Evernote to many people.
I intend becoming a Premium user when I finally start requiring more storage.
I have been using Evernote on my Toshiba Tecra laptop with Windoze 7 Pro op system for years.
I drag URL from address bar onto my Windoze 7 desktop…. then when I want them in an Evernote note,
I drag that icon from Windoze desktop into Evernote and it generates a txt url link… which is the format I like and need.
I purchased a Macbook Pro to replace the dying old Toshiba.
I installed Evernote on the Macbook…. it synched and runs fine….
except…. when I drag a url icon link from the Mac desktop into an Evernote, it does not give me the nice text formatted link as above...
it gives me this in the Evernote:
See attached screen capture to see the graphic box I do not want
How do I get the Mac version of your program to do what I liked in the Windoze version?
Thank you very much.


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Thank you very much. It does not work on my Chrome for some reason, but does work on Safari. I'll have a play with it. Is there a way to only save the descriptive text as the url link? I tried the various options listed but did not see that one. Am ditching Windoze after 25 years for Mac. Bit of a learning curve. Much appreciated.

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Not sure I understand "only the descriptive text" - did you mean you want a link that looks like this website link rather than a bit of code - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79553-evernote-url-link-format-in-mac/#entry335268 ?  If so,  you'd have to create it.  Clip the URL to get the link and then right -click the http://xxx in the note to edit the hyperlink and add a different display text.  Clunkyerer than your previous system, I know.  If I want to save URLs for later I tend to highlight a descriptive para on the website and use "clip selection".

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