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Handwriting across devices



I use handwriting across two devices, my samsung galaxy note 10.1 and my samsung note 3.  When I create a handwritten note on the note 3 and then open it up on the tablet to make changes, I am unable to open it again on the note 3.  It states I need skitch installed to annotate notes.  No issues on the note tablet.  I can open up handwriting on the note tablet and make changes on anything created on either device, no issues.  An example is a grocery list.  I can create the list on my tablet then when I try to modify it on my phone, it has to use skitch and it's sloppy to use versus the handwriting tool where I can simply cross off something.  More specifically, I want to use the phone to make changes to any of my hand written notes if I don't have the tablet and it isn't working.  Is there a setting anyone is aware of on the phone where I can open up an annotated note that was modified on another device?  Tablet doesn't require skitch, it opens up and allows me to modify handwritten notes made on the phone.  It works from phone to tablet but not tablet to phone.  Both are samsung, both run android and both have same version of evernote  Thanks.

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Also just to add, I found this.  When I want to edit a handwritten note on my phone it has the option to "edit handwriting" and sees the note as handwriting.png.  When I try to edit a handwritten note on my phone that I had created on my tablet, it also has the name of handwriting.png but does not have the "edit handwriting" but has annotate or edit options and then wants to open skitch.  I just want both devices to work the same.

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