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Setting up Evernote for Long Term Goals

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I have come back to evernote recently, I started using it a year back but due to lack of knowledge i discontineued it.. Now as lifes getting hard with Getting Things Done, Iam Back to The Evernote.

This is my Note Book structure at present :

Link: "http://oi58.tinypic.com/2ut53l1.jpg"


I also use tags extensively..


I am actually planning to make a notebook structure where in, I can Track the Long Term Goal (Say 2-5 Years)

Ex.: Structure

2Yr Goal-- Main Focus

       Mega Project

                 Project1, Project2, Project3.....  


                              Next Actions


This is a crude Idea iam presently having,

I would appreciate any senior users can refine it and shed some light on the subject..





p.s : I am sorry if the subject is already been disussed in the forums, I could'nt find it through search.So Posting. :)


Thanks Again.


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for me that would be way to many notebooks to handle - in fact it was - I now just have "inbox" and "Notes" -- and use the tags exclusively


life got so much less frustrating after I made that jump -- good luck

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