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Are there options for attachments using the gmail clipper?

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I love the gmail clipper, but I notice that it always attaches any email attachments to the clipped note. Mostly, I like this. However, I sometimes want to either (a) import the message text without the attachments, and/or (B) separate the attachments into their own notes with the same note name as the attachments (so I would import several notes from a single gmail message - one with the text of the email and another for each attachment). 


In an ideal world, I would be able to do (B) with a link to the new (now independent) notes inside the clipped gmail message text. That way, I could access the file attachment from the email message note OR a standalone note (with its own tags) and not have to keep two copies of the attachment file - they would both link to the same file behind the scenes. 


Does anyone know if any of these options are possible? 


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Samrose, looks like you're trying to squeeze blood out of a stone. Good old stones are great, especially if it's a pet rock. In that sense clipping from Gmail will only give you the options you see at face value before you hit save. A nice touch (The pet rock part), as you've probably seen, is that the note created in Evernote has a link back to your email in Gmail at the header of the note. Pretty nifty. 

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