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Feature Request: Open note with space bar



I would love to be able to "open a note in a separate window" by simply tapping the space bar. This is similar to the functionality available in the Finder or on the desktop of a Mac wherein you can preview any file by doing this. I find myself tapping it in Evernote and getting the annoying error sound fairly frequently.

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The thing is that you would have to have a specific note highlighted in order to tap on the space bar and open it. Fine and well if you already happen to be on that particular note in the note list because you're using the arrows to navigate... but, more often than not, if you have to click on a note, it's just another click to open it up in a separate window. A double click might even be considered to be one action. 


Now if you could tap the space bar to expand the note into its own window and then tap it again to close it (or have the window closed if you hit an arrow key)... that would be pretty cool. You could go through the note list with the up and down arrow and open/ close notes. On second thought... if you close the left panel you would have a larger, expanded area for your actual note. So I'm thinking maybe if by tapping the space bar you send a note from the note list into full screen mode, that would be pretty spectacular.

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