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(Archived) 3.1 forever! What happens after?

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EN 3.1 desktop is my fav.

I've tried the latest betas and really don't like it so far.

Working on XP Home i need all my space and resources and i really don't want Framework 3 installed anywhere.

Can we be assured that 3.1 will continue to work with online database even if it gets dropped off in the long run?

Or should we already start to look for alternatives to EN?

Dat is the question!

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We have no plans to break the 3.1 client or prevent it from synchronizing, but we'll certainly add features in the future that won't work when synchronized to 3.1. Off the top of my head, I can think of things like highlighting within notes, which require "style" support within the HTML editor that won't work in the 3.1 client. I imagine most of these will degrade gracefully if you add them to your notes somewhere else, but we can't promise this will be true for the next 20 years.

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