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(Archived) problems opening notes from spotlight



in the last couple of days, i seem to have lost the ability to open a note from a spotlight search. the results do show up fine but clicking them does nothing and i have to go to EN for Mac and search for them there again.

also what could be a related issue is that the EN new window has to be explicitly called to show up even if the application is active with no windows open. it used to be that selecting/activating the EN for Mac application would bring up a new EN main window.

i am not sure what's going on but this seems to have started after the recent 1.6 upgrade. any tips on how to fix this would be appreciated.

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Could you quit the Mac application, and then remove this directory from within your Mac "home" directory:

Library / Caches / Metadata / com.evernote.Evernote

Then start Evernote so that it regenerates the spotlight database.

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thanks engberg. it looks like that worked. i was considering rebuilding the spotlight index but thought i would ask here first.

is this situation avoidable in the future?

btw i got a dialog saying 'migrating database' as soon as i started up after deleting the metadata. i hope that was normal.

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This shouldn't happen, but the spotlight integration relies on a bit of magic with the OS, which can possibly get out of kilter at times. We'll take a look if there's anything we can do to prevent this better.


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While my notes show up in Spotlight, selecting the listings merely opens Evernote, not the notes themselves. It used to be that clicking "Phil 151 Syllabus" in Spotlight would open both Evernote *and* the "Phil 151 Syllabus" note, but no longer - now clicking "Phil 151 Syllabus" just opens Evernote to whatever view I last had open in the app.

This isn't a problem of indexing - I've tried the "clear metadata" fix described above, with no luck - but rather an issue with the action that the Evernote application takes upon an Evernote note being selected in Spotlight. Any ideas on how to fix?

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Thanks for the report, I'm seeing this on my own Mac now that I test this, and I'll file a bug.

If you Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar, and then start it again, does it open the correct note for you?

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hi dave -

funnily enough this is now working fine for the most part and i have no idea how it got fixed or when exactly.

note that i do not use the menu bar item in Evernote to save space and because i mostly use keyboard shortcuts or the safari plugin.

i will report of the spotlight problem shows up again.


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Add me to the list of users now not able to get evernote to open the *specific note* from a list of spotlight search results. It used to work but no longer does. Just opens evernote and leaves it where it last left off when it was quit.

I have tried the suggestions in this thread and nothing seems to fix it.


I rely on this functionality all the time.

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dwhitney -

If you're using the latest version (1.7.2), and the problem isn't solved by rebooting your Mac, then you could try:


If you have some important unsynced notes, be sure to read the directions at the end of this email to safeguard your information. Otherwise please try the following:

Please try moving your Evernote database directory so that Evernote will regenerate a new local database by copying your notes back down from the service. To do this:

Quit Evernote.

In the finder, open the "Library" folder in your home directory. (This is in the directory with your name, NOT at the top level of your hard drive.)

Navigate to "Application Support"

Move the "Evernote" directory from that location to a different place (like the desktop)

Start Evernote, provide your username and password again if needed

This will synchronize all of your notes from the service and create a new local database.

*If you do have some unsynchronized notes, you can go to the Note List view, sort by the "Sync" column, and export any notes that have a * in that column to .enex format before following the above instructions. Once those instructions are finished, you can then import the .enex files you created to restore these exported notes.


Evernote Support

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