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Evernote crashing consistently on Windows


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Since it was updated today to the latest version (Evernote, the application has been crashing consistently on Windows 8.


It appears to do this whenever modifying a note in such a way that it would no longer appear in the middle Notes pane.


For example:


1) I select the "Taxes" tag in the left pane, populating the middle "Notes" pane with previews of all notes with that tag attached.


2) I select a particular note from the middle pane, loading the full note into the right pane.


3) I remove the "Taxes" tag from the note in the right pane, and Evernote immediately crashes. (Although the change is saved, thankfully)


I'm a huge fan of this software, and this is the first real bug I have encountered.


Is anyone else experiencing this? Can anyone else reproduce the error?

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This just started happening to me yesterday.  I am on Windows 7.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote to my PC and it seems to still be happening. Seems to work fine on my iPhone.  Never had an issue with Evernote before so will submit a ticket - if I can work out how!

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