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Shopping Extensions with Evernote

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I was looking at downloading Evernote because I heard about how good it was.  However, to accept the download I had to also accept the addition of a number of extensions to my browser, some of which are shopping extensions.  I have had my computer taken over by shopping extensions that practically shut down my computer and my anti-virus/malware software was unable to stop what came in. 


I know you have to pay for your product but I would like to know more about the security around these extensions and if it is possible to download Evernote without the additional extensions.




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The site that I tried to download Evernote from was called "Downloads.cnet.com".  The shopping extensions that took over my computer were "disccounntaExteNsi".  Double letters in the words.  There was also another one that I can't remember now (but it had double letters as well) but I had a lot of trouble removing them.

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