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Email a note has become more cumbersome in 6.0.5



There was an easy way to email a note to a colleague from a drop-down menu. Now that feature seems gone (at least, I have not found it). Now, this feature is only under Note>More Sharing>Email Note. So many additions have been made to share notes (Facebook, Twiter, bla, bla…), but the most fundamental way to share a note (email) is not featured under the new "Share" drop down menu. Disappointing.

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Are you on Mac or Windows? Also, what version do you have installed? 


The latest Windows release has "send by email" back in the share button at the top right of a note. You can also do the same thing by right clicking on a note in the note list... or else via the "Note menu" on the topmost toolbar. For a while we were backed into a corner by having to send via Work Chat... Glad this has been "fixed" in the latest Windows release :-)

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Thanks. I am on Mac RUNNING Evernote version 6.0.5.

No "Send by email" under the Share button. Clicking the Share button leads to Work Chat (useless, who cares about that?)

Thanks for the tip about the right click. That will solve the problem for me.

It's a pitty that the most fundamental way of sharing a note has been missed under the so called "Share" button.


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