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Notes are invisible after update

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No idea if I'm supposed to post this here, not entirely clear what the support channels are.


On one of my Windows PCS, all of my notes are no longer visible/usable at all after upgrading.  I can access them on a different windows PC, the web and the Android client fine.  This occurred almost a couple weeks back and have done an additional update, but the problem still remains.


Any body else with this strange issue?



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I have the same issue!  On one of my Macs - I can see the notes but I can't edit or create a new one.  On a second mac I was able to edit.  This used to be a very simple workflow and now I can't figure out how to edit/create.  This is extremely annoying.  Back to email for taking notes....

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The Windows and Mac issues are going to be two different causes.


@Scott - If you're a premium user you can get Chat support - follow the support request link below and submit your ticket;  a 'Chat' option will appear.  If not,  then welcome to your support channel..  There haven't been any reports of disappearing Windows notes from any recent update of which I'm aware.  There's a range of fixes, starting with..

  1. Restart your system
  2. File > Exit Evernote,  Backup your database folder,  then Remove and reinstall the app.
  3. Rename your database folder (as well as taking a backup) to force Evernote to rebuild the database from the server copy

BEFORE YOU START - if you have unsyced notes,  or local notebooks,  your only copy of those notes is in your database folder.  You need to export all those notes to ENEX files,  notebook by notebook,  so that you can re-import them to a new database if necessary.


@kellyf - Make sure you're on v6.0.5 and restart your machine.

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