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Stop showing password from my home page?

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BurgerNFries, your biting your tongue as an Evernote moderator lacks taste as someone who should be putting a good face on Evernote. I'll be sure to mention your comments when I contact Evernote. Thank you, gazumped for wanting to be helpful and kind. FYI, the links only lead to a support page which says NOTHING about support tickets. Finally found the teeny small print at the bottom by "contact us" which allows me to send Evernote a message. I hope it's answered by someone like gazumped. Thanks to BurgersNFries, my first Evernote experience has been distasteful.

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Thanks for your comments,  but actually this is a user forum,  and BnF and I are both just users of the software,  not employees.  If you're not familiar with forums it can be a little stressful to make your comments in a public forum and have others give critical feedback - but basically by posting here you're asking a number of busy people around the world for their personal help.  


It's polite to do that only after you've read instructions carefully and done as much research on your own as you possibly can.  I was a bit abrupt with someone the other day who thought it was a good idea to ask the same question in two different ways and two different places.  Since it's always a challenge to try to get through as many new queries as possible in the day -I also have a day job- I wasn't pleased to think of someone adding to my workload unnecessarily,  and said so.  He wasn't pleased,  but he did get his answer.

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