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Powerpoint Slides: Can I attach audio and sketches with livescribe and evernote?

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What I am trying to do is scroll through slides following along with my lecture and attach the audio either from a dedicated bluetooth mic or a cell phone with a compatible mic app that I can place at the front of the class.


1. Is it possible to use Evernote to attach audio to specific slides automatically as I scroll through them, or does each slide need to be imported individually?


2. What microphone is best to use at the front of the class, a cell phone or dedicated bluetooth?


3. Can I also use a livescribe sky or echo to simultaneously attach additional written notes and diagrams to the slides?


I am asking these questions because I am trying to choose between evernote and a livescribe or sonocent auto notetaker. As far as I can see the sonocent system would be perfect for attaching audio to slides. So far I can not see if evernote can do this. However I like the integration with livescribe Sky that is available with evernote, but there is the limitation of using the pens mic or the headset and I do not know if it will pickup good audio from the lecturer at the front of the class.


Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi.  Are you asking about Powerpoint here,  or Evernote? 


1 - Powerpoint can add audio to slides that will display with the slides.  Evernote can act as a carrier for the PP presentation,  and when you open and display the slides,  a temporary copy of the presentation should (I think) be kept on the local hard drive.  If you don't save an executable version of PP,  the app will also have to be present on the device running this presentation.  While it's running,  you could make notes in Evernote;  but these aren't in any way linked to the PP display.  You'd have to experiment to find out how far you can push the envelope with this.


One alternative would be to use Evernote's Presentation Mode - you could copy a PP presentation into a number of notes slide-by-slide so that additional material can be available for display.  But again,  once in Presentation Mode you'd have to experiment to find out what additional capacity your system has for extra bells and whistles.


2 - The best microphone would depend on a range of things including the size of the room and the number of students/ volume of the speaker's voice.  I don't know of a way to use a cellphone as a mic.  You really need to carry out some on-site experiments to determine what's most effective.


3 - The pens will record sound and help you make notes - they're not remote controls for the slide unless you can build something in through additional acripts.


Summary here - your presentation proposal is impressive,  ambitious,  and not really supported by either PowerPoint or Evernote.  You would need additional kit - ideally a wireless microphone set with at least three channels - one for any recorded sound,  another for the speaker,  and (at least one) roving mic for questions.  You could video record the event for marketing,  PR and future sessions.  Adding extra content is probably best handled with an electronic flipboard and recorded by photograph or video.


And though its probably granny / eggs;  make sure you test out whatever setup you go with on a captive (ie non career-crushing) audience a few times to make sure everything works correctly and to exterminate the bugs.  And take a paper flipchart with you just in case...

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