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Feature Request: Note Conditions

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I'd like to submit an idea for a feature enhancement for Evernote. I recently connected a third-party app to Evernote, and the app saves highlights I make directly to Evernote. Unfortunately, the app doesn't allow the user to select a Notebook or tags within Evernote. More annoyingly, each highlight becomes its own note.


While I realize third-party app developers have control over their app's functionality and the Evernote API, I'd like to see Evernote implement a feature that allows users to set conditions that automatically file notes in the appropriate notebook and/or tag(s). Kind of like a filter. So, essentially, it would go something like this:


"If [connected app] creates a note; then title it [Title], date it [Date], in notebook [Notebook], with tags [Tags]." 


You could call the feature "Conditions." This would be terrific to automatically classify notes made outside of the Evernote platform, such as third-party connected apps. Thanks for the consideration!

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