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6.0.5 Premium crash crash crash



:angry: Since the last update 6.0.5 EN Premium on my MacBook Pro crashes pretty much all the time - try and save something and it crashes, try and look at Account Info and it crashes. I can look at docs etc without it crashing. Anybody got any idea why??





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No obvious answers - other MB Pro users aren't suffering the same problem otherwise we'd be hip deep in complaints by now.  Have you tried

  1. restarting your system
  2. uninstalling / restarting / reinstalling the software... ?
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I have this problem too:


- just crashed my computer 5 times in a row: total freeze with spinning ball, forced re-boot each time

- crashed happened after I would start typing in a new note

- MacBook Pro, 15", 2010 model with a faster SSD drive I installed last year

- OS 10.9.5


6.0.3 worked fine...


**update: I downloaded 6.0.3 and installed that, but couldn't open it due to the fact that my notes were now "saved in a newer format" - so going back isn't an option for me, unfortunately.**

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