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Is it possible to have 2 seperate app icons on my phone to enter into 2 different accounts

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Is it possible to have 2 seperate Evernote app icons on my phone homescreen to enter into 2 different accounts??????  I have a work account and a personal account.and it is a little tedious logging in and out in the settings.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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If you had a business account, the two could be integrated into one interface - i.e. you could switch between personal and business notebooks. Otherwise, you're stuck with having to switch between 2 accounts (logging in and out). It's easier to switch between accounts on Desktop. 


One suggestion would be to use a 3rd-party app to access one of your accounts. I'm not sure what phone you're on, but there may be some workaround apps that let you access your EN account and create new notes to send. For example there's an iPad app, "Clever HD" which connects to your EN account and gives you a more versatile EN experience than the actual EN iPad client itself. I know you're not asking about tablets, but that's just an example of a 3rd-party app that gives one access to your account, which can be used to connect to a 2nd account.


Depending on what mobile platform you're on, and depending on how much access you need to your entire account, there may be possibilities via 3rd-party apps. If it's a matter of just sending notes to EN, that's half the job done. It may mean compromising and accessing one or other of your accounts on the same phone in a more rudimentary fashion. 


Other than that, there's no way I know on either Android or iOS to have 2 Evernote app icons on the home screen, which essentially would mean installing 2 instances of Evernote on your device - which there is no way to do. 


One other thing you could do is share the most important notebooks from one account with the other - if that is permitted by company policy. You should then be able to edit and view shared notebooks in one account.

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Get yourself on the beta program and then you'll have 2 apps. Of course one of them will be a beta version and might not be completely stable.

I can't remember how you get on the program but someone else might chime in.

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