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Feature requests - more highlighting colors, and more

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Been an evernote power user for many years. I am an attorney and I keep track of all my client calls, notes, and research in evernote. Thought I would offer a few thoughts on changes I would love to see in Evernote someday:


  1. More highlighting colors.
  2. Ability to make more sub levels of notebooks. Right now there is only one sub level allowed.
  3. Ability to collapse and expand lists.
  4. Ability to create moveable "boxes" with text, like in Curio. Ability to use different highlighting colors for these boxes.
  5. Ability to write text/lists side by side without having to use tables.
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Sorry, I wasn't going to say anything, but feel I must. Are you using Evernote - a cloud service - to keep track of client's personal information? If so, sounds like a really dicey idea...they are entrusting you, as their lawyer, to look after their best interest. Personally speaking, I would bananas if were a client of yours.

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