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Nested tags screwed up in Evernote 6 for Mac

Robert 🇳🇱


I have been using nested tags for some time now to organize my notes.


For example I have a 'root' tag called "people"  under which I have nested "the wife", "the kid", "the boss"

And I have a root tag called 'employers' under which I have tags for my current and former employers.


This enables me to link notes across notebooks.


In Evernote 6 for Mac non-MAS (I have tested this with first 6.0.2 and now 6.0.5) I can no longer nest new tags. And I cannot unnest my tags.


Hope EN will fix this in a future release (soon).

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This issue is unfortunately still active. 

Can not drag&drop tag as subtags of root tags


Any news on this ?


Nope - Evernote typically don't (usually) comment on ongoing fixes...

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