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Note replaced by much older version after update of Android app - much work lost!

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When updating the android app to the latest version, an old version of a note synced over the current version.


The version of the note that Evernote somehow restored and synced over the present one, is very old and all the edits I've made are lost.


Is it possible to restore the note as it was before the Android update? This makes me question the reliability of EN for important notes, is it common practice for users to backup notes daily?

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Hi - Backups are certainly good,  and thanks to the folks at Revert,  my database gets a daily backup;  but I play with betas and other things that might go 'bump' in the night,  so I like lots of backups.  Previously I'd backup weekly,  with occasional mid-week sessions when updating or changing notebooks and tabs around.


If you synced your note with EN servers,  then the updated information (or most of it) should be available in the Note History - that's a Premium feature where the contents are sampled a couple of times each day,  and you can roll back the note to any previously recorded version.  You might consider upgrading for a month or two to investigate.


If you didn't sync your note,  then that may be why you had the problem.  It's possible that if,  after you were editing on the Android,  you opened that note on another device,  the 'empty' note was saved and synced with a more recent timestamp.  So when the system synced with the Android it simply replaced the 'newer' synced note with the older updated one.  The trick is to sync both before and after you edit a note on any device,  and ensure you are editing the latest version.


If that happened though,  some or all of the content of the updated version may still be in temporary memory on your Android,  but I don't know of any application that would find it for you.

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Thanks for your reply "Gazumped"!


I am aware of the sync problem and that should not be what has happened in this case. There was also no notification of a synchronization conflict as could have been the case in a similar event.


Perhaps I should consider getting Premium for a month. But honestly, as much as I like Evernote, this sort of unreliable behaviour makes me less eager to pay for it...I will consider it though. 

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