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Evernote Database Requires Rebuilding Every Device Reboot

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Every single time I reboot my device, a Samsung Galaxy S4, I get a popup from Evernote asking where I would like to rebuild the Evernote database. I presently have it on my MicroSD card. The popup offers to rebuild it right there where it had been but of course I can't access any notes for a while - until it rebuilds the doggone thing.


Why is a database rebuild required after a plain old reboot?


Thank you.



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Did you set all your notebooks to be 'offline searchable' from that device?  I  ask,  because otherwise the database isn't stored on a mobile device - you download individual notes from the network whenever you select or search for them.  There's a search index so you can see what's available,  but that's normally it.


If you do have your database on an SD card I believe that's only possible on a rooted 'phone,  with a third-party OS.  What's your setup?


If you have enough internal storage I'd suggest moving the database back there for the moment,  to see if the issue continues...

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