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Are you kidding me?  Script doesn't work, Jot Touch doesn't work, Ole' faithful bump point doesn't work - hell, my finger hardly works...


So, in a month EN has managed to take my goto app and destroy it.  Then apologize for the dismal update, and now - updated again - and it is definitely WORSE...


It's one thing that I purchases several adonit styli (both touch and script) - and both work like *****.  My old trusty styli of centuries past - that I used to rely upon - well they don't work worth a ***** either...




In itunes you have dropped from a five star app to three plus...


Perhaps if everyone who ('who' is a pun, I doubt anyone would suggest 6 works even remotely as well as 5) is upset about the lackluster performance of EN with penultimate goes to the app store and rates it horrible - would that get anyone's attention - or is the ATTITUDE of EN that they are on the fast track to IPO and wealth - and product / support simply take a backseat.  Perhaps a fall from grace for the core app (Evernote) might get someones attention?




I'm multiple premium and now biz user...


Tomorrow, I am spending the afternoon looking for alternatives to not just penultimate - but Evernote as well.  I cannot commit company and personal 'assets' (I'm talking about what's important to me and mine - not monies I pay you) entrusting you - as you have now proven that getting to that IPO outweighs any customer concerns - and for that, I'm forced to research alternative solutions...


The $450 a year I pay you means ***** - I get it - but this 'approach' can only hurt your hopes of a decent IPO.


If I'm misguided - PLEASE correct me by proving your worth and DO SOMETHING that isn't destructive to this application...


OH, and it would be great if you might consider either giving adonit back the referral or coop monies you made from my script purchase - as they did nothing wrong - but you, yes you, and that bait and switch - wouldn't it have been easier to simply make an app that works with the stylus and then keep it...


WOW is all I can say.


Have a joyous holiday season as ALL your loyal customers struggle with your product and decision...




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Just my 0.02$


Evernote servers me well, always did; although I find the iPad version rather difficult to use.

Mac-app is good, iPad is OK for looking up and storing new notes, not for everyday use.


Penultimate however, a complete different story.

It never worked well, not the, not now :

  • clumsy and limited interface
  • writing lacks fluency, even with APEX stylus (I do not recognize my handwriting here)
  • auto advance in larger bottom window is just a joke : the more I write to the write the quicker I have to write; remembers me of 'modern times' by Charly Chaplin
  • writing with the promoted Jot Script : worthless : offset of the tip is too much, parts missing, ...
  • Integration in Evernote is good however


My advice to all who want to 'note on tablet' : have look at NoteShelf.

(actually, Evernote, maybe have a look yourself too)

  • Jot Script still a nightmare
  • APEX works perfect
  • good interface, functions,
  • very very fluent 'ink' (I recognize my handwriting :-)
  • reasonable Evernote integration (this could be better, less proprietary 'note shelf')

Hope this influences.

Kind regards


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For some of us this update is worse than useless. I am a legally blind grad student and have used penultimate to make notes about my research, for over a year. The "infinite scroll" makes it impossible for me to find anything. In addition the new edit feature now displays pages in a column instead of a grid...so it is impossible to see a note in a context.

I understand that developers need to do change for the sake of change...how else can you justify your job if a product that was meant to be simple ...worked just fine...

i am totally screwed because of your mindless culture that believes in...thrives on... The delusion of endless progress.

Please I would pay for the old version ...or at least the ability to turn off that F.....g infinite scroll. There is a reason why bound books with individual pages ...replaced scrolls....Please tell the ...scroll idea...moron on your team to read some history...OR even notice that things like menus and legal documents ARE NOT WRITTEN ON SCROLLS....

Better yet just fire them ...any "designers" that f.....g clueless will drag your company into the ground. 

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