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ERA 2: Evernote Reminder Widget for your iOS 8 devices!

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Hi guys,


Apple has approved our new app which is very userful for Evernote users. ERA 2: EN Reminders on your Today Screen

Below is the app descriptions:


Used your Evernote reminders for your GTD purposes? Keep a list of reminders but never really used them as they might been too long?

Instantly glance Evernote reminders, without the need to open the Evernote app! Just pull down Notifications Center and your Evernote reminders will be there to remind you on your tasks! Want to create a new reminder? You can do so with only one tap in the fastest way possible.
ERA 2 is the fastest solution to create,view and check your Evernote reminders yet; no fuss, no muss.
ERA 2 has simplified reminder process to get it extremely fast and highly efficient. It helps remind you on the task you need to do instantly all at one glance.

Make the most of iOS8 widgets and be reminded of your Evernote reminders as quick as possible.
ERA 2 is always available in Notifications Center to help you store your small piece of information.

With ERA 2 you can:
• Create Evernote reminders simply and quickly via a touch of a button
• View all your Evernote reminders without leaving your current app
• Check off reminders that don't need reminding without leaving your app

The best way to learn about ERA 2 is to try it.

We are working hard; we have no purpose but the satisfaction of our users. We genuinely value your feedback.



Below is the link to download the app. Do support us as we are evernote users ourselves and we hope that our app will make an impact in your lives as much as they do for us



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Hi guys, 

As part of the holiday season, we are having a sale of 50% off! 

Do download using the link below: 



For those who bought, thank you!

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Very nice application, but I could suggest that reminders appear sorted by ascending due date. Is this possible ? Thank you

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